Fri. May 14th, 2021
An emotional tweet by daughter made father’s taco truck a success, here’s how!
An emotional tweet by daughter made father’s taco truck a success, here’s how!
If you don’t believe in the power of social media, then this heart-breaking plea by a daughter for her father’s taco truck will surely make you understand the difference it’s making in the current scenario.

The 21-year-old woman from Texas, Giselle Aviles, could not stand her father’s taco truck losing business due to Coronavirus pandemic and to help him, she took to Twitter to ask people for help.

On September 13, Giselle wrote a heart-breaking tweet and soon the internet started showering support via retweets and love. This resulted in generating business for her father’s taco truck and also made it more popular than ever.

In her viral tweet she wrote, “I wouldn’t normally do this, but my dad’s taco truck business is struggling, he only sold $6 today, If you could retweet, I would appreciate you so much!!”

The heart-touching post got many people to try their favourite tacos from her father’s taco truck.

According to media reports, two days after the tweet, the taco truck business flourished so well, that they had to close down twice – once to restock and again when they were completely sold out.

Later, Giselle took back to Twitter to pay gratitude to the Twitter family and wrote, ” Hey everyone! We are overwhelmed with joy from all of the response and support we’ve been receiving; it’s amazing what social media can do!!”

She even mentioned that due to the increase in demand, they are looking for workers who can help reduce the work pressure and deliver fresh tacos on time.

She concluded her post saying, “Our phone number is off, because we can’t keep up! If you have inquiries for events, just send a text and we will have someone answer ASAP.”

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