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mix veg roll
mix veg roll

Surprisingly, the mix veg roll is not infamous in every house. Although the ingredients and recipes may vary. Eventually, it all comes down to taste and preparation style. Today I am going to present you with one of the tasty and simple mix veg roll recipe.

Moreover, I would also like to point that this recipe could be adjusted as per your liking.

Let’s get going and know how to make a mix veg roll:

Ingredients required for mix veg roll recipe:

  1. Fresh chapati or a wrap (Preparation discussed ahead)
  2. Potato
  3. Tomato
  4. Green Capsicum
  5. Onion
  6. Corn
  7. Garlic
  8. Hing
  9. Coriander
  10. Lettuce
  11. American Mustard sauce
  12. Mayonnaise
  13. Cheese (Spread/ grated)
  14. Ketchup/ Schezwan chutney
  15. Paneer (If you wish)
  16.  Red chilli powder
  17. Turmeric powder
  18. Dhaniya powder
  19. Salt
  20. Pepper (If you wish)
  21. Kitchen king masala
  22. Chat masala

These ingredients are easily available in your nearby shop or online!

I wouldn’t suggest you on missing you on any ingredient as each one of them carry a taste of their own.

Preparation for mix veg roll:

Step 1: Boil potatoes in a cooker. While boiling ensure to not add much water, the potatoes may become soggy. For a rough and easy estimation add around 5 to 6 cms of water from the base where potatoes are kept.

Boil a bowl of corns. You can use the readily available boiled corns but fresh ones are always preferred.

Step 2: Slice tomato, green capsicum, onion in long vertical pieces. Also, chop fine chop 1 onion and few petals of garlic.

Step3: Prepare fresh chapati or a wrap.

There’s another way of making a wrap.

You can absolutely use a leftover chapati.

Ingredients: Wheat flour and Maida.

For every four portions of wheat flour take one portion of Maida. Make a regular dough and chapati’s out of it. Adding Maida will you a crispy taste.

Step 4: Once the potatoes are boiled and cooled to normal temperature, peel them off.

Smash the peeled potatoes.

We are now preparing the stuffing!

mix veg roll
mix veg roll

Meanwhile, place a kadai or a pan on gas.

Another key point, please don’t use Aluminum utensils as they are not good for health!

  • Furthermore, add 2 to 3 tablespoon of oil.
  • Once the oil is semi-hot, add finely chopped garlic (In 4-5 seconds follow the next step)
  • Ensure to not make the garlic brown, add finely chopped onion.
  • Add Salt to taste and also to remove the rawness of onion fast.
  • Let the rawness form the onion go and once they have turned a little brownish, add turmeric, chilli powder, dhaniya powder, kitchen king masala and a pinch of Hing.
  • Toss all the ingredients well.
  • Add smashed potatoes and mix all the ingredients in your kadai or pan.
  • You will know the mixture is ready when it starts leaving the pan or kadai and clubs together as one.
  • Once the stuffing is ready, sprinkle some coriander and let it cool.

Steps to prepare mix veg roll:

Step 1: Take a chapati or the wrap.

Step 2: Then again, take half spoon mustard sauce and apply it on the chapati or wrap. Remember, mustard sauce is spicy and hence, use it as per your taste and the spicy-ness you can handle.

Step 3: Place the potato stuffing on one half of the chapati or wrap. Put the stuffing in a way that it forms a semi-circle.

Step 4: Add boiled corn and press them a little on the stuffing so that they do not fall off the chapati or wrap.

Step 5:  Add vertically sliced green capsicum, onion and tomato.

Step 6: Sprinkle some chat masala.

Step 7: Add grated cheese or mayonnaise.

mix veg roll

If you are choosing spread cheese then spread it across the wrap or chapati when you apply mustard sauce.

Step 8: Meanwhile, insert a lettuce leaf.

Step 9: At this instant fold the wrap in a way that it forms a semi-circle, half-moon?

Step 10: Heat a pan! Once hot, place your mix veg roll in the pan to make it crispy.

Step 11: Apply butter on both sides of the roll. Once it turns a crispy, it’s ready to heat. SERVE HOT!

On the whole, you can serve it with ketchup, green or schezwan chutney!

Ingredients like Paneer, pepper, etc. is completely your choice. You can add them before placing the lettuce leaf.

Finally, mix veg roll is ready to eat. This recipe is pretty simple and enjoyed by all. You do not have to be a master chef to prepare this one.

mix veg roll
mix veg roll

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