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Finally, the day has come. Indian literary awards 2020, the result has been announced. This award ceremony is conducted by filliping pages &modern breeze.

Indian literary award 2020 longlists for,

The best author in fiction, non-fiction.

Best debutante fiction, non-fiction.

Best editor

Best poetry book

Best anthology

Best short story

Best cover design

Best reviewer

Best concept, and

Best book designer

And jury awards for best book, best writer, and best debut.

Flipping pages &modern breeze conducted this literary award 1st time and they received good responses from authors, readers, reviewers, and publishers for it. The categories are selected by vote. Jury categories are selected by the 50 % audience votes and 50% of jury votes. This award program has taken around 3 months to get completed.

Result of Indian literary awards 2020 is announced on 11 July 2020 by Flipping Pages and Modern Breeze from different categories:-

The best author (fiction) is “THE FRAGILE THREAD OF HOPE” by Pankaj Giri

Best author (non-fiction) “THE POWER OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT” BY Hemant Agarwal

Best debutante (fiction) “THE INFINITE ROAD” by Shefali Arora

Best debutante (non-fiction) “THE LAST CLASS” by Himanshu Vashishtha

Best poetry book “SPEAKING FROM THE AUTUMN OF MY LIFE” by Sarbajit Chowdhury

Best anthology “BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE” by Chetan Batra

Best cover design “THE LAST CLASS” BY Himanshu vashishtha

The best concept “POWER OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT” by Hemant Agarwal

Best writer (jury) “BABY ON BOARD” By Sonia Sahijwani Saini

Best debute (jury) “THE BOAT SONG” by Smitha Vasudevana

Best book (jury) “ADVENTURES OF POORNA” by Mayor Kalbag

Best reviewer – Siddhant Agarwal

Flipping Pages and Modern Breeze praise all the authors, reviewers, readers, and publishers and wish them for their best future.

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