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lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse to take place on July 4, 2020. People are holding their hopes high to see this eclipse. May US website are claiming “to not miss” this upcoming lunar eclipse July 2020.

Will you be able to see the lunar eclipse July 2020? says that is not a big deal for you to miss this one out. The reason being it won’t be too sharp to be seen. The Lunar eclipse July 2020 will occur right in front of you but you will fail to notice it.

What is a Lunar eclipse?

In simple terms, Lunar eclipse happens when the sun-earth-moon is in a linear path. The moon hides in the shadow of the earth. This phenomenon is often visible during nights.

Lunar eclipse July 2020. NASA ISRO.
Source: India TV

Big question, can we see Lunar eclipse on July 4?

No. As mentioned earlier in this article, the occurrence of the event is shaky for human eyes to notice with naked eyes.

Highlighting the fundamentals:

You have to understand one thing, earth casts two shadows, not one. Out of the two shadows, one is shadow. This shadow flows through space for around 1.38 million km. This shadow is called an umbra.

When lunar eclipse takes place, the umbra falls on the moon. Now imagine an astronaut standing on that portion of the moon looking at our earth. The earth will appear in a dark disc right in front of the sun.

The same phenomenon when seen from earth looks like the moon is being cut. A biting effect.  Furthermore, there is a phenomenon i.e. shadow in addition to the umbra. It is the outer part of the original shadow. In layman’s term, take an object and cat its shadow. One will be dark surrounded by a thin layer that is almost transparent. This is symbolic of a penumbra.

The phenomenon will look like a smudged mood today. You will not see it.

Today night when the Lunar eclipse will take place the northern or say the upper region of the moon will be in the penumbra. The outer shadow of the umbra.

Now think for yourself, how much of a shadow will it cast for us to notice from earth?

The magnitude of geometry marks around 0.3546.

Technically speaking 1/3rd part of the mood will be covered with the slightest shadow. This will happen when the eclipse is at fullest.

The remaining portion or region of moon will not be in penumbra.

To answer again.

Can you see lunar eclipse today?

No. Not with naked eye. Not with your phones!

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