Sat. Mar 6th, 2021
tiktok ban in India
tiktok ban in India

TikTok ban in India:

Mumbai: The foreign ministry of China is showing concern on the TikTok ban in India. Furthermore, 59 other Chinese apps including TikTok are ban in India now. Amid the rising tension between the border of two countries, the Indian government announces this decision.

tiktok ban in India. Bytedance loss $1 billion plan
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The Indian government did not take anyone’s name:

The suspension has definitely triggered many users. The action drives the concern of sovereignty and integrity of the nation. The Indian government has not taken any countries name. It also does not indicate any clash around the border. (Source:

The apps that are prohibited including the TikTok have origin in the Chinese market. they include Wechat and UC Browser. A lawyer who is an advisor of the Chinese companies said that if India doesn’t take the decision back then China has to cut down on operations. This will lead to job loss and unemployment.

Users before TikTok ban in India:

Tiktok has 2 billion downloads globally. Indian users constitute around 30 % of them. ByteDance is a parent firm of TikTok. This firm has hired many senior executives for a future plan. This plan had an investment of $1 billion in India. Tiktok ban in India has shaken this plan entirely.

tiktok ban in Iindia. tiktok india
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Tiktok was previously banned last year for a significant period. The reason was for its portrayal of explicit content. This cost the firm a loss of around $15 million a month. Numerous lawyers say that it is difficult to challenge this decision because of national security reasons. For this reason, it may get difficult to bring back Chinese apps.

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Two popular games face a ban too. These games are Mobile Legends and Clash of Kings.

The restriction saddens many youngsters. It is worth watching what is yet to come.

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