Fri. May 14th, 2021

Joe Biden leading against Trump

As per the polls from The New York Time and Sienna College, the democrat leader Joe Biden leads trump. The leader has left the president Donald Trump behind by around 14% of votes in the NYT and Siena polls.

The reason for this to happen could be the increasing popularity of Biden amongst the women and non-white voters of the country. The leadership role Donald Trump played amid the outbreak of COVID-19 is not appreciated by many in the country. Hence, the Republican-leaning squads have moved their focus away from the current president

COVID-19 cases in the USA:

Until June 24, 2020, the COVID-19 in the USA was over 24,00,000, and the death toll crossed around 1,00,000. The figures say a lot why joe Biden leads Trump in the polls.

Joe Biden leads trump with more female voters

If the percentage of votes are to be compared between genders then female voters have shown belief in Joe Biden. The democrat leader leads with around 22% votes from the female perceptive and only around 3% with the support from males.

Joe Biden has bagged around 74 and 39% votes from the blacks and Hispanics respectively and again leads trump in this section. There have been various polls where Joe Biden has shown a leading figure against Donald Trump.

Trumps presidential victory:

One of the major reasons for Trump to reach the White house is his victory in popular states like the Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

In an interview with Reuters, Donald trump said, “I don’t believe the polls. I believe the people of this country are smart. And I don’t think they will put a man who’s incompetent.”

Donald Trump in the same interview indicated that Biden has been incompetent since around 30 years now. What he did so far was not up to the mark and the foreign policies set forth by him were a disaster.

The US citizens call:

According to a article published in the NY times, around 3/5th of the voters that included a majority of white voters are not happy by the way the on-going pandemic is handled by the president of the USA.

Most of the citizens of America are no welcoming Donald Trump’s call of opening the country to manage the economy. This is definitely done by putting human life at risk. But, unfortunately, there are 1/3rd of the voters who want the business back in action.

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